Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (PSR) - Safety Retrofits

In Ontario, it is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, that industrial machinery or equipment has a Pre-Start Health and Safety review (PSHSR) carried out by a licensed Professional Engineer. This can include machine guarding, racking and lifting equipment.

A Pre-Start Health and Safety Review is an assessment by a Professional Engineer of any industrial apparatus, protective element, process, or structure, to ensure compliance with applicable standards as laid out in Section 7 of Regulation 851, R.R.O. 1990 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

If you have the need to have a PSHSR or upgrade the safety on your existing equipment Intricco can handle all aspects of it including performing the PSR (third party) and upgrading your safety circuits on the equipment to meet PSR requirements. We have experience with various Safety PLC & safety Components and can provide you the proper safety solution that will meet your needs.


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